Frequently Asked Questions

A: Most study abroad programs are extensions of the traditional college experience, including classes, homework, and faculty guidance. On a GlobalWorks internship, you will be connected to other UO interns around the world through an online course, and you will be with other international interns in local housing. But your daily routine will not include classrooms or teachers; instead you will be interacting with supervisors and co-workers on the job, and learning about the local culture through direct participation in workplace life. Instead of spending most of the day studying together with other international students, you will probably be the only international intern in your workplace. (Don’t worry if you don’t speak the local language—we will help you find an English-speaking work supervisor if you need one.) International internships require students to be independent and responsible. The rewards of an international internship are practical work experience, international career networking opportunities, intercultural communication skills, and a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world.

A: Only one! After you request an application on the Apply Now! page, you will receive an individual link to the application form. You can apply to any number of GlobalWorks internship positions by submitting your application form only one time.

A: GlobalWorks is a service that helps connect students to international employers for internship experiences. All students who meet the program requirements and deadlines will be placed in an internship. Students must have at least a 2.75 GPA for most programs, and must participate in several rounds of interviews. The competitive part of the process is when it comes to prospective employers choosing interns. Providing strong application materials (cover letter, resume, transcript, and recommendation letters) will increase your chances of receiving an internship offer in your top choice industry.

A: Students who qualify for GlobalWorks and complete all the steps of the application process on time are guaranteed an internship. Please note that while we guarantee qualified students will receive internships within a general professional field, we can’t guarantee specific internship placements. For example, we can’t promise that a student will receive an internship creating content for Donatella Versace’s social media accounts in Milan, but we can guarantee that a student will receive an internship related to marketing, media, or the fashion industry in Milan. Students will need to be flexible and patient through the placement process, which can take several months with several rounds of interviews. The internship placement timeline can be found on the Apply Now! page.

A: Please ask your recommenders to email their letters to They will not receive an email prompt or a link to fill out an online form. They can simply email the letter to us any time before the deadline. Please ask them to follow the guidelines in our letter of recommendation request guide.

A: The GlobalWorks process is designed to help students find internships that help them build skills and gain experience in their field of interest. Most students find their internship to be a rewarding and worthwhile experience. If a student finds that the internship does not match the job description agreed upon at the beginning of the internship or there is any other serious problem, UO GlobalWorks staff will provide support to address the issue.

A: Students work at least 30 hours per week at their internship. Most internships are 8 weeks long. On their days off, students can participate in organized cultural experiences and excursions with other interns.
A: You will probably be traveling to your host county on a student visa, so you should not expect to be paid. However, you will receive full-time academic credit, which means you can receive most forms of financial aid and scholarships. (The one exception is the STEM in Saudi Arabia research internship, which provides interns with a monthly stipend).
A: Housing is guaranteed as part of the internship program. Interns will be met upon arrival by on-site staff and provided with safe and reasonably-priced housing for the duration of their internship.
A: Housing depends on the location. In most locations, student interns share a room or a suite in a dorm, hotel, or apartment. In some locations, you may stay with a host family. Please check with GlobalWorks staff to find out about the housing options in the locations that interest you.
A: Yes! Please see which locations have internship opportunities throughout the year on our Locations and Costs page. If you are interested in a fall, winter, or spring internship, please reach out to GlobalWorks staff for individualized advising before you apply. You can email us at

A: Application deadlines are as follows:

  • Fall internships: April 15 and June 15*
  • Winter internships: September 15*
  • Spring internships: November 15*
  • Summer internships: December 15 (early bird deadline); January 15 (regular). The early bird deadline is strongly encouraged for students interested in Pre-Med Shadowing internships.

*For fall, winter, and spring programs, the deadline varies depending on location and start date. If you are interested in a fall, winter, or spring internship, please reach out to GlobalWorks staff for individualized advising before you apply. You can email us at

It is sometimes possible to apply at other times or after the deadlines above. Please consult with GlobalWorks staff to find out your options.

A: Visa requirements vary depending on your country of citizenship and your destination. Domestic and international students are eligible to apply. Applicants will receive individualized guidance regarding visa application procedures.

A: University of Oregon staff review each internship location before allowing students to apply. In order to be included in GlobalWorks, the internship location must have 24/7 on-site student support staff, safe housing, and adequate health and emergency insurance. You can find general information about health and safety in different locations by checking the State Department’s travel advisories. We continually monitor the news and travel advisories for our locations, and we provide information about site-specific health and safety precautions to interns prior to departure. If a location becomes unsafe, we may advise or require students to cancel their internships or help them change to a safer location.

A: You can find the estimated cost of each program on the Locations and Costs page. Program fees are paid through the UO student account (DuckWeb), just like regular UO tuition and fees. The program fees include housing and insurance. Airfare and personal expenses are not included. 

A: Yes! For most GlobalWorks internships, students are considered to be enrolled full-time and are eligible for most forms of financial aid and scholarships. GlobalWorks internships are also eligible for many kinds of study abroad funding. Learn more about funding opportunities by visiting UO Financial Aid and Scholarships and Study Abroad Scholarships. You should also check with your major department, which may be able to help you access other sources of funding. In addition, the Global Studies Institute (GSI) offers two scholarships for this program. Freeman Internship Fellowships of up to $5,000 are available to U.S. citizens and permanent residents who are doing internships in East or Southeast Asia. Global Oregon Internship Fellowships of up to $1,000 are available to all other students doing internships through the GlobalWorks program.

A: You will learn whether you have received an Internship Fellowship at the same time you learn whether you have been accepted into the program.
A: Please check your email regularly for correspondence from GlobalWorks and your internship provider. You will also need to full out some required forms, which can be found here.

Don’t see your question here? Please send us an email at or give us a call at 541-346-5088.