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Jasmine Walker

Marketing Intern in Barcelona, Spain

“I was the Marketing Intern for a basketball analytics company, but my responsibilities were not solely focused on marketing. Since I was a part of a start-up, where we had 5 total employees, I was tasked with a variety of projects and responsibilities. I did things from data entry, to graphic design, to creating email campaigns and cold calling. I had the opportunity to really see how the inner workings of a true start-up were done and how real business decisions were accounted for when running such a young company.

“The tasks that I did benefited this company more than I could have imagined. I thought that some of the projects that I was working on were not so important, but what I discovered is that I helped and impacted this company in a big way.”

My overall experience is an accomplishment to me. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect, and with all the positives and negatives over the two months, I am proud of myself for sticking through it and finding ways to cope mentally in another country. I believe the experience itself is the biggest accomplishment, one that many individuals in their lifetime do not get to have. From figuring out the metro, to dealing with work friendships, to dealing with issues in my home country, all were part of an experience that took determination, dedication and strength.

Kate Johnson

Marketing and Entrepreneurship Intern at a networking facility for startups, Stockholm, Sweden

Check out Kate’s internship video below.

This whole internship abroad experience has been crazy and, as cliché as it may sound, it has definitely been life changing. Living and working in Singapore has been my first real taste of what life will be like after graduating college. I have been able to learn a lot about myself, such as whether or not I would want to live abroad at some point in the future. In terms of my career, this internship experience shined some light on what direction I want my career to go in. Coming into this experience, my mind was set on pursuing a career in the computer science field. More specifically, I wanted to become a software engineer specialized in artificial intelligence. My internship primarily revolved around this field of work, and thus provided me with insight on what a career in that would be like. This, along with the personal goals I set up at the beginning of the year, really helped me make the most out of my internship experience.

Bernardo Izquierdo-Rodriguez

Computer Science Intern, Singapore

I was tasked with cutting out people for thumbnails, creating a children’s alphabet book, and a multitude of other digital tasks involving Adobe Creative Suite.

The challenging parts about the job were creating unique designs for the covers and formatting the inside of books and pamphlets. The company wanted to challenge me and gave me criticism, which I did not get often from school, so it was rewarding when the head designers liked something I had made. They were always willing to help me out.

This experience gave me confidence. This internship helped me out in understanding how graphic designers play a role in certain companies. I am looking forward to a graphic design career, but I am also open to any other design-like career as well.

Charlie Zach

Graphic Design Intern, Tokyo, Japan

At the start of this, my main career goal was to work for a nonprofit and coordinate fundraising events, but now I am more open to other job titles in the communication/public relations/social media field. This whole experience has taught me that I need to learn more about the field that I am wanting to go into.

Overall, the whole experience was rewarding, but at the beginning there were definitely some challenges. Parts that I found to be difficult at the start were things like grocery shopping, laundry and being away from friends and family for that long. I am a fairly independent person as it is, so things like going out to eat or exploring the city by myself weren’t much of an issue. It was more that I have very few people to share those experiences with. Now looking back on it, I don’t think that I would’ve wanted it any other way; learning how to be okay with doing the smaller things by myself, I think has shaped me into a more mature person at the end of the trip.

Hannah Guth

Communications/Marketing Specialist at a non-profit mental health support provider, Manchester, UK

Our Story

GlobalWorks is a small startup organization operated by UO staff for UO students. GlobalWorks opened in 2015, and in its first year helped 16 students find internships in China and Japan. Since then, the program has grown quickly, and has helped 265 UO students find internships overseas so far. We now offer internship locations on every continent except Antarctica.

Where have UO students gone with GlobalWorks? The map below shows the number of students who have completed GlobalWorks internships in each region.

Kiana Hosaka

Software Engineering Intern

My internship was in Tokyo, Japan. The company’s product is an iPad application that teaches young students mental arithmetic calculations based on abacus and gamification concepts. As a software engineering intern, my main responsibilities were data analysis and working on the company’s artificial intelligence software. I spent half my internship collecting and analyzing data on student and multi-school achievements and the other half evaluating, testing, and helping to improve the company’s artificial intelligence software. My internship solidified my interest in artificial intelligence. While I am still open to explore various fields of computer science, I am excited for a potential career related to artificial intelligence. My internship also helped me gain confidence applying my technical skills in a real-world work environment and I am excited to bring the knowledge I learned into future positions.

A challenging aspect of the internship was the language barrier and immersion into a different culture. While I knew Japanese prior to my internship, it was a new experience to communicate using Japanese in a professional workplace and live in Japan. My improved Japanese language skills and deeper understanding of Japan’s culture have been rewarding aspects of my international internship experience.

I have gained the type of professional experience that I think will benefit me in the future and have had many great learning opportunities related to my work. Aside from the two events that I helped organize and the meetings that occurred along with them, I have also been able to attend three large summits/conferences, one of which I attended entirely on my own, read and reviewed important documents related to future projects that my company intends to pursue, and translated multiple articles that will eventually be posted onto our company’s website. In being able to attend these three events, my internship organization has been able to connect with potential clients to set up future meetings, as well as learning more information about future innovative projects that will be happening in the near future in or around Shenzhen.

Andy Wang

Business Intern at an international entrepreneurship services company, Shenzhen, China

During my eight weeks in Hong Kong, I learned an immeasurable amount about not only myself and my career path, but also about international relations and perspectives on the world. Communication was a major part of this journey as well. It played the key role in how I kept in contact with my friends and family back home, the ways in which I introduced myself and made friends in Hong Kong, and also how I carried myself in the workplace to come across as professional and earn the respect of my employers.

I believe that there were two major challenges at play during these eight weeks, and although they were separate, they definitely had their respective overlap. I believe the real task at hand was to, A, find the best way to gain respect in the work place without overstepping your bounds as an intern, and then B, to find the fine line of taking in and exploring a new city in a new country, while also maintaining ties and communication with friends and family.

Bella Davies

Graphic Design Intern, Hong Kong

I work within the premium ticket section within the company. The premium level is similar to the club levels of the major league sports in the States, but there are no tickets that are sold on a match by match basis. All tickets are sold as a part of a long term contract of 3, 5, or 10 years. Premium members have the opportunity to sell back their tickets if they are not able to attend the match or buy up to four extras for a match using the ticket exchange. The ticket exchange is my main responsibility of my internship. Every day I log into the google form that members fill out to post their tickets and I post their tickets for sale using Archtics. Archtics is a ticket software that will be super beneficial for me to know going forward in my career. I also answer phone calls relating to the ticket exchange, write contracts for members who have just bought seats, and send tickets to their new owners. I also do a lot of “typical” intern stuff like organizing tickets and stapling files. I also assist with match day. I help out at the reception desk and help with any problems with premium tickets.

Read Grace’s blog post here.

Grace Falvey

Premium Ticket Sales Intern at a stadium, Dublin, Ireland

All in all, my career goals have drastically changed since beginning my internship. I went on this internship experience to see first-hand if the hotel industry is what I wished to pursue. However, I have realized with time that it is not a field that I would like to pursue. I do believe the experience was worth it because I grew a lot as a person and I was able to find out early on that a hospitality career is not for me. I love helping people and want to pursue a job that makes me feel a more profound impact on others. This experience has led me to realize that I should pursue my other interests such as education and psychology, but has also given me the tools, such as patience and confidence, to succeed in whatever field I decide to pursue.

Michaela Bennink

Hospitality Intern at a hotel and restaurant, Barcelona, Spain

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